Graduate Program in Cinema Studies

The Cinema Studies Institute offers a Master of Arts and a Doctor of Philosophy in Cinema Studies. The course-based, one-year M.A. program offers students the option of a professional internship or a major research paper. The Ph.D. program addresses the changing role of moving image media within global culture. Past and present configurations of cinema are studied through a constellation of theoretical, textual, social, and historical rubrics. The core curricular offerings engage with debates and questions that persist within the scholarship while also examining how the field contends with emerging disciplinary issues and new intermedial formats. Throughout, the synthesis of history and theory, textual analysis and cultural study are emphasized.

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Message from the Graduate Coordinator

Welcome to the Cinema Studies Institute.

A leader in undergraduate instruction of film for over 40 years, CSI has placed its graduates in advanced programs at universities throughout North America and Europe, including New York University, UCLA, UW-Madison, University of Chicago and Harvard. We are proud to now offer a full range of undergraduate and graduate degrees at the Institute as a result of the M.A. program introduced in 2007 and the launch of a comprehensive doctoral program in Fall 2013.

The M.A. Program consists of one intensive year combining a core curriculum of three courses with a selection of innovative topical seminars. The final stage of the MA degree entails completion of a major research paper (MRP) or a supervised internship.

The Ph.D. Program consists of a combination of required core course work, elective seminars, qualifying examinations and a doctoral thesis. 

The calibre and size of the M.A. cohort facilitates a collegial environment, where students benefit from small seminar classes, and enjoy regular consultation with faculty members. Our core faculty of 14 cinema and media specialists have received recognition for both their teaching and scholarship. Another 20 faculty members from other departments add their expertise to CSI as affiliate members. The library and media holdings of the University of Toronto are the most extensive in Canada and the Media Commons Special Collections offers unique research resources. And, with its impressive range of film, art, and media festivals; repertory cinemas; and the celebrated programming and resources of the Toronto International Film Festival group (including the TIFF Cinematheque and the Film Reference Library), Toronto offers one of the most sophisticated cultural scenes in North America.

Brian Price, Graduate Coordinator


For more information concerning graduate studies at the Cinema Studies Institute, please contact:

Tony Pi
Graduate Program Assistant
Innis College, Room 233


Degree Regulations

Collaborative Programs

Collaborative programs emerge from cooperation between two or more graduate units, providing a student with a broader base from which to explore a novel interdisciplinary area or some special development in a particular discipline. Applicants who wish to enrol in the collaborative program must apply to and be admitted to both the collaborative program and the M.A. in Cinema Studies.

Should you be interested in a collaborative program, please consult the department offering the collaborative program first, regarding its offerings and separate program requirements.

Cinema Studies participates in the following collaborative programs: