Graduate Timetable

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F = Fall, S = Spring, Y = year-long course, H = half-course


2016-17 Course Offerings

Modified August 29, 2016: Please note that these are tentative course offerings and rooms for 2016-17.

CIN Courses (Core)

CIN1100HS: The Textual Object
Nic Sammond
Tuesdays 11-1, Wednesdays 11-1
Location IN222
CIN1101HF: Theories and Practices of the Cinema
Angelica Fenner
Mondays 1-3, Wednesdays 10-12* (Corrected error)
Location IN313
CIN1102HS: Key Developments in Film History
James Cahill
Wednesdays 9-11, Thursdays 9-11
Location IN223
CIN1006Y: Major Research Paper in Cinema Studies
CIN1007Y: Internship in Cinema Studies
CIN2100HF: History and Historiography of Cinematic Media
Nic Sammond
Mondays 1-3, Tuesdays 11-1
Location IN223
CIN2999HF: Research Seminar in Cinema Studies
Tuesdays 9-11 (*some sessions may need to take place at different times*)
Location IN223

CIN Courses (Elective)

JFF1100HS: Surrealism and French Cinema
James Cahill
Tuesdays 4-8
Location IN223
JGF1773HS: Autobiographical Documentary: History, Memory, Performativity
Angelica Fenner
Mondays 4-8
Location IN223
CIN1005HF: Special Studies in Cinema: Expanded Cinema: Installation of the Real
Kass Banning
Mondays 3-7
Location IN223
CIN3002HS: Cinema and Nation: Realism, Revolt and Iranian Cinema
Sara Saljoughi
Mondays 9-11 and 1-3
Location IN313
CIN3006HF: Media and Philosophy: Film and Contemporary Political Philosophy
Brian Price
Tuesdays 3-7
Location IN313
CIN3010HF: Topics in Film and Media Theory: Making Faces: Identity, Performance, and the Face on Film
Alice Maurice
Mondays 9-11, Thursdays 11-1 (*new time)
Location IN223 (new location)
Exclusion: ENG6070H

Non-CIN Courses

The availability of these courses offered outside of the Cinema Studies Institute may be subject to factors outside our control. This is not an exhaustive list, and more Cinema-related courses will be added to this page soon. If there is a discrepancy between the times listed here, the host institution's website is assumed to be more up-to-date. Please visit their websites for more comprehensive information.

Department of English

Centre for Comparative Literature

Department of German Languages and Literatures

Sexual Diversity Studies

Women and Gender Studies

Department of History

INF2225HF (Faculty of Information, Fall): Digital Discourse
Patrick Keilty
Tuesdays 1-4
Location TBA
MUS1144HF (Department of Music, Fall): Music in the Films of Hitchcock
John Haines
Thursdays 1-3
Location TBA
COL5044HS (Comparative Literature, Winter): Displacements: A Journey From Petersburg to Los Angeles
T. Lahusen
Tuesdays 1-3
Location 3rd Floor, Isabel Bader Theatre
COL5094HS (Comparative Literature, Winter): Forms of Critical Writing
E. Jagoe
Wednesdays 10-12
Location 3rd Floor, Isabel Bader Theatre
COL5112HF (Comparative Literature, Fall): Text and Digital Media
R. Bai
Thursdays 11-1
Location 3rd Floor, Isabel Bader Theatre
COL5127HF (Comparative Literature, Fall): Queer Ethics and Aesthetics
J. Ricco
Thursdays 2-4
Location 3rd Floor, Isabel Bader Theatre
COL5128HS (Comparative Literature, Winter): Tragedy: Instantiations of a Dramatic Form in Theatre, Philosophy, Opera and Popular Cinema
M. Revermann
Fridays 12-3
Location 3rd Floor, Isabel Bader Theatre
ENG6068HF (English, Fall): Embodiment in a Virtual Age
M. Goldman
Fridays 9-11
Location TBA
GER1785HF (German, Fall): Remaking the Movies in German Cinemas
S. Soldovieri
Wednesdays 1-5 (incl. screening)
Location OH323
HIS1031HS (History, Winter): Images as History: photography, historical method, and conceptualizing visuality
K. Coleman
Fridays 1-3
Location TBA
ITA1815HS (Italian, Winter): Issues in Italian Film Historiography: Mediterranean Noir
A. Zambenedetti
Mondays 12-2, Wednesdays 2-4
Location Media Commons (Mon) and IN223 (Wed)




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