Toronto Film & Media Seminar - From Manifestos to New Cinephilia: Critical Film and Media Pedagogy

When and Where

Friday, January 17, 2020 4:30 pm to 11:55 pm
3rd Floor Learning Studios
TIFF Bell Lightbox
350 King Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 3X5


Girish Shambu (Canisius)
Susan Blight (OCAD)
Michael Zryd (York University)
Conveners: Claudia Sicondolfo and Selmin Kara


“Videographic Criticism as Media Pedagogy,” — Dr. Mike Zryd (York University)
Christian Keathley and Jason Mittell define the “videographic essay” as a new form of scholarly and pedagogical practice that “conducts analysis and conveys arguments in a multimedia form about multimedia objects of study” through digital technologies. Working alongside scholars like Catherine Grant and buttressed by scholarly apparatuses like the peer-reviewed journal [in}Transition, videographic criticism is an important intervention into the discipline of cinema & media studies in relation to its traditions of both cinephilia and critical media analysis. The presentation will examine a) how it reflects the legacy of the avant-garde as an animating spirit of the discipline and b) its potential and challenge as a pedagogical tool. • Michael Zryd is Associate Professor in Cinema and Media Studies, Department of Cinema and Media Arts, and also Graduate Program Director for the MA & PhD in Cinema & Media Studies, Graduate Program in Film at York University. Zryd attended the Middlebury College Seminar on Videographic Criticism in June 2019 with support from the Academic Innovation Fund at York.

“The Deep Dive for World Making and Re-Creation: Towards an Anishinaabe Cinephilia” — Susan Blight (OCAD University)
The Anishinaabeg, as Indigenous peoples under settler colonial occupation, have undergone a world-ending apocalypse. Anishinaabe cultural production of these times is invested in remaking a world in which Anishinaabe people can live fully and free. This has been referred to more broadly as an Indigenous renaissance, a resurgence, a reclamation. This presentation will examine how Anishinaabe people are simultaneously watching, making, theorizing, and acting upon a desire for political and social change through film. Anishinaabe cinephilia looks to the choreography of the muskrat whose gestures towards futurity began the rebuilding of the world with what could be held in a tiny hand. • Susan Blight (Anishinaabe, Couchiching First Nation) is an interdisciplinary artist working with public art, site-specific intervention, installation, textiles and social practice. Susan is co-founder of Ogimaa Mikana, an artist collective working to reclaim Anishinaabeg territory with Anishinaabemlwin. Currently a PhD student in Social Justice Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (University of Toronto), Susan joined OCAD University as Delaney
Chair in Indigenous Visual Culture and as Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and School of Interdisciplinary Studies in August 2019.

“For Laundry, Not Films: Lists and List-Making in Film Culture”— Dr. Girish Shambu (Canisius College)
Elena Gorfinkel’s recent manifesto “Against Lists,” published online at the feminist film journal Another Gaze, has caused a stir in film culture. This presentation will take up issues raised by Gorfinkel’s intervention, including the deleterious effects of lists, as well as their role in canon-making. The aim of the presentation will be to spark a spirited discussion. • Girish Shambu teaches courses on sustainability and supply chains at Canisius College in Buffalo. He is also a film blogger, scholar, and critic who edits Film Quarterly’s online column, Quorum. He is the author of The New Cinephilia (Caboose Books, 2014), and two recent pieces on
film culture, “Time’s Up for the Male Canon” and the manifesto “For a New Cinephilia,” both in Film Quarterly.

Steering Committee for 2019-2020
Co-chairs: James Leo Cahill (UofT) and Claudia Sicondolfo (York) • Faculty members: Michael
Baker (Sheridan); Liz Clarke (Brock); Natalie Coulter (York); Brian Jacobson (UofT); Carolyn Kane
(Ryerson); Selmin Kara (OCAD); Mark Lipton (Guelph); Susan Lord (Queen’s); Katherine Spring
(WLU); Janine Marchessault (York) • Grad student members: Lani Akande (York); Anjo-marí
Guows (UofT); Tricia Herman (OCAD); Heather Lambert (WLU); Katie Russell (UofT); Cyrus
Sundar Singh (Ryerson); Émilie von Garan (UofT) • Member at Large: Jesse Cumming
(Independent Scholar/Curator); TIFF: Theresa Scandiffio, Jessica Lam, Keith Bennie.

The goals of the Toronto Film & Media Seminar are:
• Encouraging intellectual and collegial discussion among the Cinema and Media Studies
scholars in the region.
• Encouraging in-depth scholarly discussion and critical debate.
• Showcasing diverse research methodologies and research fields that address a wide range of
cinematic technologies (film, television, video, new media, and other forms of moving image
and sound screens).
• Aiming to model collegial and professional academic discourse for graduate students entering
the field.


350 King Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 3X5