Student Engagement in the Arts Award

University of Toronto

Fourth-year Cinema Studies student Karam El Masri was honoured with a University of Toronto Student Engagement in the Arts Award. The tri-campus jury on the University of Toronto Arts Council recognized Karam for her impressive dossier, her ongoing participation in arts related co-curricular activities at the University of Toronto, and her contribution to U of T’s arts culture.

Karam has given extraordinary service to both the film and broader University of Toronto communities. Karam has worked tirelessly as a volunteer, programmer, and editor who is committed to the cultivation of a cinema culture at the University and beyond.

As the Vice-President of the Cinema Studies Student Union (CINSSU), she has coordinated a program that not only brings free films to campus but also provides a venue in which to discuss film.

We are very proud of Karam and her accomplishments, and we greatly appreciate her commitment to the Cinema Studies Institute and Innis College.

The University of Toronto celebrates student engagement and leadership in art related initiatives annually with the University of Toronto Student Engagement in the Arts Awards (SEAA). This Award recognizes students who have made significant leadership and/or volunteer contributions to co-curricular arts activities at the University.

The SEAAs recognize undergraduate and graduate student work outside the classroom in the arts related activities. Previous recipients have been awarded for contributions through dance, theatre, curation, visual arts, and arts administration activities. Students from all three U of T campuses are eligible for these awards.