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Students taking Cinema Studies are registered with the Faculty of Arts & Science. Any one of the three concentrations in Cinema Studies - Specialist, Major, or Minor - is intended to comprise part of a student's undergraduate Honours Bachelor of Arts four-year degree. They combine their program with disciplines ranging from Psychology to English; from Political Science to Art History. A well-rounded education with more career opportunities can result when students complement their chosen Cinema Studies Program with many of the other available courses of study available at the University of Toronto. Learn more about admission at the Faculty of Arts & Science.

Students registered in the Faculty of Arts & Science select their program of study at the end of their first year of study and/or after having completed at least four full course equivalents (FCEs). Transfer credits accepted for students coming to U of T from another university also count toward this FCE requirement.

Of these four FCEs required to request a Specialist, Major, or Minor in Cinema Studies, one FCE must be CIN105Y1 - Introduction to Film StudyThis course is the entry requirement for all of the undergraduate areas of concentration in Cinema Studies and is also a prerequisite to most upper-year Cinema Studies courses. 

Please note: Cinema Studies has substantially revised its Program Requirements as of April 2011. Program students who accepted and declared a Specialist, Major or Minor during the 1st Subject POSt request period before Aprl 2011 are "grandfathered" under the previous requirements: please see Cinema Studies under the listing for Innis College in the 2010-2011 Calendar (PDF).

For more information concerning undergraduate studies at the Cinema Studies Institute, please contact:

Denise Ing
Undergraduate Program Assistant
Room 232AE, 2 Sussex Avenue

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