Cinema Studies has been taught at the University of Toronto for over 40 years and we offer a wide range of courses that touch upon all aspects of the medium. 

The Cinema Studies Institute houses one of the largest undergraduate film programs in Canada, but the classroom experience remains intimate. All large classes feature individual tutorials in addition to lectures, and upper-level courses are restricted in size to maximize student-instructor interaction. The stimulating learning environment fosters intellectual development at the same time that it helps students forge strong ties with their classmates. 

A vibrant student culture is further promoted by the activities of the Cinema Studies Student Union (CINSSU), and the variety of exciting events that take place at Innis Town Hall and across the city of Toronto. With its impressive range of specialist film festivals, repertory cinemas, and the celebrated programming of TIFF Cinematheque, Toronto offers a unique environment of sophisticated film culture that complements the extensive library holdings within the University of Toronto Library system and its Media Commons.

Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto provides its students with a challenging and satisfying learning experience in a program acknowledged to be one of Canada’s finest.