Forms for Cinema Studies undergraduate courses and scholarships requiring application are posted here for each upcoming academic sesson.

Arthur Hiller Award for Admission to the Cinema Studies Institute

Established in 2022, the Arthur Hiller Award, named for the filmmaker, is intended to support outstanding racialized and minoritized students pursuing Cinema Studies. This award will give mentorship opportunities and $1000-5000 to outstanding candidates newly enrolled in the Cinema Studies program. Strong preference will be given to student applicants who self-identify as Black and Indigenous. For more information about the Fellowship, please visit Awards and Scholarships.

Fill out the Award application form here by Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at 9:00 am Eastern.

Norman Jewison Fellowship in Film Studies

Established in 1985, this $10,000 award recognizes an outstanding University of Toronto student graduating or has graduated within the last year with a Specialist or Major in Cinema Studies, and is proceeding to further study in film and/or related media. For more information about the Fellowship, please visit Awards and Scholarships.

To apply for this award, applicants must complete the form below and should also:• Prepare a statement on a separate page (maximum one page long) outlining their plans for graduate study in film (course of study, school, length of program, etc.) and email it to• Request two Cinema Studies faculty members to submit letters of recommendation directly to no later than the application deadline.

Fill out the Fellowship application form, then provide a statement and letters of recommendation by Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at 9:00 am Eastern.

400-Level Seminars

CIN410H1; CIN411H1; CIN412H1; CIN420H1; CIN430H1; CIN431H1; CIN432H1; CIN440H1; CIN450H1; CIN451H1; CIN452H1; CIN460H1; CIN461H1; CIN470H1; CIN471H1; CIN472H1; CIN480H1.

Majors in Cinema Studies require one 400-Level Seminar to complete their program.

Specialists in Cinema Studies require two 400-Level Seminars to complete their program.

Prerequisites: CIN105Y1, CIN201Y1, plus seven FCEs.

Corequisite: CIN301Y1

The priority enrolment form is available here until Monday, June 17, 2024 at 9:00 ET. Once course enrolment begins in July, any student with the prerequisites can enrol in the remaining spaces in the 400-Level Seminars via ACORN. 

CIN349H1Y - Screenwriting

Students will develop screenwriting skills under the guidance of a renowned Canadian screenwriter through a combination of writing workshops and individual consultations. Like the course, the appointment of the Universal Screenwriter-in-Residence occurs biannually.

Prerequisites: CIN105Y1Y - Introduction to Film Study, CIN201Y1 - Film Cultures I, and 2.0 credits in Cinema Studies courses. 

The deadline to submit an application form was Monday, June 3, 2024 at 9:00am. Click here for the application form. 

Independent Studies in Cinema

CIN490Y1Y; CIN491H1F; CIN492H1S

Independent research projects are devised by students, supervised by Cinema Studies faculty, and open to Specialist and Major students in the Cinema Studies program. Students must enlist a Cinema Studies faculty to serve as supervisor, and submit a proposal along with a proposed course syllabus to to be reviewed by the Undergraduate Committee.

Independent Study does not fulfill the 400-Level Seminar program requirement in the Cinema Studies Major and Specialist programs. 

The deadline to apply for Independent Studies is April 1, 2024 for the Summer 2024 course, May 1, 2024 for the Fall 2024 course, and November 1, 2024 for the Winter 2025 course.

2024/25 Independent Study Application Form