Vivienne Poy Chancellor's Fellowship in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts & Science
2022 - 2023

Amanda Greer is honoured to be receiving the Vivienne Poy Chancellor's Fellowship in the Humanities and Social Sciences for 2022-23.  

Amanda Greer is a PhD Candidate at the Cinema Studies Institute. Her dissertation, “Formal Schooling: Cinematic Form, Pedagogy, and the Student’s Body,” develops a theory of pedagogy as cinematic form in the post-WWII social guidance film. Drawing from feminist theories of visuality and embodiment, Michel Foucault’s work on discipline, and critical pedagogical theory, this project argues for the disciplinary cinematic formation of pedagogical relationships between student and teacher in educational films. Taking up cinematic techniques like freeze frames, superimpositions, and acousmatic voiceovers, this project argues for pedagogy as a disciplinary device in social guidance cinema, one that shapes, moulds, and forms the films’ student body, constructing normative, gendered conceptions of adolescence. More broadly, her work investigates feminist theory, cinematic form and formalist reading strategies, educational film, useful cinema, Classical Hollywood, the teen girl in cinema, and American film history. She brings her research interests into practice as a Graduate Educational Developer with the Teaching Assistants’ Training Program, housed in the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation, and as a Course Instructor at the CSI, where she will be teaching CIN360H1S: Contemporary Film Theory in Winter 2023.