Scott Richmond

Associate Professor
Room 230E, 2 Sussex Avenue, Toronto, ON M5S 1J5


Scott’s areas of interest include avant-garde and experimental cinema and digital media art, critical theory and phenomenology, and contemporary film and media theory. His research and teaching often mix considerations of high and low, mixing (for example) midcentury experimental film with videogames and blockbusters. He has published on JackassSpider-ManCandy Crush, Andy Warhol, and Tony Conrad. His work has appeared, among other places, in DiscourseWorld Picture, and the Journal of Visual Culture. His first book, Cinema’s Bodily Illusions: Flying, Floating, and Hallucinating, is published by the University of Minnesota Press. His second book, Find Each Other: Networks, Affects, and Other Queer Encounters is forthcoming from Duke University Press. Scott regularly teaches about digital media aesthetics and film and media theory, including classes entitled “New Media Forms,” “Theories of Media,” and “(New) Media Aesthetics.”


Cinema’s Bodily Illusions: Flying, Floating, and Hallucinating. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2016.

Special Issues of Journals Edited

“New Approaches to Cinematic Identification.” Film Criticism 39 no. 2 (Winter 2015).

Essays and Articles

“On Learning to Fly at the Movies: Avatar and How to Train Your Dragon.” Journal of Narrative Theory 46 no. 2 (Summer 2016).

“The Persistence of Formalism.” Open-Set, special issue, “The Persistence of Form” (October 1, 2015): np. 

“Vulgar Boredom, or What Andy Warhol Can Teach Us About Candy Crush.” Journal of Visual Culture 14 no. 1 (April 2015).

“The Exorbitant Lightness of Bodies, Or How to Look at Superheroes: Ilinx, Identification, and Spider-Man.” Discourse 34 no. 1 (Winter 2012): 113–44.

“ ‘Dude, that’s just wrong’: Mimesis, Identification, Jackass.” World Picture 6 (Fall 2011): np. 

Review Essays

“Speculative Realism is Speculative Aesthetics (Three New Books in Speculative Realism).” With Rebekah Sheldon. Configurations 23 no. 3 (2015): 399–407.

“Thought, Untethered.” Postmodern Culture 21 no. 1 (September 2010): np.

Book Reviews

The Desiring-Image: Gilles Deleuze and Contemporary Queer Cinema.” Cinema Journal 53 no. 2 (Winter 2014): 164-69.


PhD, University of Chicago
AB, Brown University


Administrative Service

Undergraduate Coordinator, 2021-present