Daniele Iannucci

PhD Candidate

Working Dissertation


Meghan Sutherland


Born and raised in Toronto, Daniele ventured far from home to obtain his BA in Cinema Studies and English Literature at the University of Toronto. While completing his MA in English Literature at York University, Daniele specialized in World Literature, analyzing systems of cultural circulation in international film, literature, and sport. These studies were finalized with a Diploma in World Literature.

After graduating from his MA, Daniele worked within the Toronto International Film Festival, before returning to his roots at U of T. His dissertation, The FIFA Passport: Sports-Media Technologies and Contemporary Citizenship, examines how sport governing bodies like FIFA dictate relations of national belonging and citizenship across a converging repository of images in television broadcasts, video games, and social media.


  • 2016 Diploma in World Literature



MA, York University
BA, University of Toronto