Hayden Bytheway

PhD Student


Hayden Bytheway is a PhD student at the Cinema Studies Institute. Hayden’s research examines representations of risk in fictional film, drawing inspiration from existentialist thought and risk studies. His broader research spans traditions in continental philosophy and literary studies and extends to topics such as music and filmic realism, meme culture, cinema-as-technics, and contemporary practices in videographic criticism. Hayden holds an MA in Cinema and Media Studies from York University.

Selected Work

“Matter, Memory and Duration: Temporal Containment in the Modern Melodrama” . MA Major Research Project. York University, 2022.

"Alice Guilluy. ‘Guilty Pleasures’: European Audiences and Contemporary Hollywood Romantic Comedy”. Book Review. EuropeNow (46). February 2022.


  • SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Master’s Scholarship (2021-2022)
  • Department of Cinema and Media Studies Nomination for Governor General’s Award (York University, 2022)
  • Graduate Scholarship (York University, 2020)
  • Department of Film Studies Undergraduate Award (University of Manitoba, 2020)
  • Rose Toles Prize (University of Manitoba, 2017-2018)


MA, York University
BA Adv, University of Manitoba