Meghan Romano

PhD Student

Working Dissertation


James Cahill


Meghan Romano (née McDonald) is a third-year Ph.D Student at the Cinema Studies Institute. Meghan’s research interests lie at the intersection of media, history, and modernity. Her proposed dissertation topic investigates how media and infrastructure and media as infrastructure in Newfoundland and Labrador construct it as a midway or nodal point in global connectivity through an aesthetic of in-betweenness, which she conceptualizes as “midway modernism.” Meghan is also interested in the rich work of Walter Benjamin, historical materialism, and Soviet cinema.


  • 2019-2023 University of Toronto Faculty of Arts and Sciences Top (FAST) Fellowship
  • 2021 Graduate Student Essay Prize, Documentary SIG, Society for Cinema and Media Studies
  • 2016 SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship - Master’s Award



MA, University of Toronto
MA, University of Toronto
BA, Memorial University of Newfoundland