Srijita Banerjee

PhD Student


Srijita Banerjee is a PhD student in the Cinema Studies program at the University of Toronto. Her PhD research focuses on defining the boundaries of a “cinema of collection”. Her research interests include avant-garde film and surrealism, film theory and the Frankfurt School. Her previous research in the MAPH program at the University of Chicago focused on the idea of non-reproducible cinema in the films of Jodie Mack. Srijita is currently the Associate Editor of the Journal of Arts Writing by Students, Intellect Journals, London.

Srijita co-organizes a Historical Materialism Reading Group with fellow Ph.D student, Meghan McDonald. Anyone interested in joining may contact Srijita or Meghan directly.


"Harry Smith’s “Early Abstractions”: De-Abstracting the Film Strip as the Object of Collection in Process Animation," Animation Studies 2.0, June 22, 2020.



MAPH, University of Chicago
BA, Jadavpur University