Everything Everywhere Again Alive screening

When and Where

Sunday, December 11, 2022 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Innis Town Hall
Innis College
2 Sussex Avenue, Toronto, ON M5S 1J5


Keith Lock's Everything Everywhere Again Alive is a landmark work of Canadian underground cinema, a film diary with mystic and symbolic overtones. In the early 1970s, Toronto filmmaker Keith Lock moved to Buck Lake, near Orillia, Ontario, where members of the Toronto art scene were undertaking an experiment in communal living. Lock filmed the achievements and daily rituals of his fellow communards, his camera bearing witness as a community assembled and dispersed. The resulting film uses poetic strategies, including logograms and other graphic disruptions, to extend its themes of renewal and rebirth, and to mark the encounter between reason and imagination, the concrete and the abstract.

For the first time, Everything Everywhere Again Alive is being released on home video! This event is a launch for a new initiative, BLACK ZERO, a multimedia publishing company specializing in Canadian underground films. Copies of both Everything Everywhere Again Alive and John Hofsess's Palace of Pleasure will be available on blu-ray for purchase at the event.

Trailer for Everything Everywhere Again Alive

Trailer for Palace of Pleasure


Co-presented by the Cinema Studies Institute at Innis College and AD HOC, a collective dedicated to the presentation and exhibition of underground film and other obscure and unpopular forms of cinema.

AD HOC aims to rethink what an experience of cinema can be. We seek to reposition historical landmarks and buried treasures within the on-going tradition of experimental and other non-commercial modes of filmmaking, drawing on work from Toronto, throughout Canada, and internationally. Within these parameters, we aspire to diversity in programming, as well as to multimedia and interdisciplinary screening events that bring together varied communities.

AD HOC = Stephen Broomer, Madi Piller, Jim Shedden, Tess Takahashi, Bart Testa.

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2 Sussex Avenue, Toronto, ON M5S 1J5