New Black Brazilian Cinema

When and Where

Monday, November 14, 2022 10:00 am to 12:30 pm
The Pod; PB-225
Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building
144 College Street, Toronto, ON M5S 3M2


Grace Passô
Ana Pi
Juliano Gomes


Please join us for a screening and discussion of two Brazilian filmmaker films, followed by a round table discussion with both directors and film critic Juliano Gomes.

NoirBLUE – les déplacements d’une danse (Ana Pi, 27 minutes, 2018). In the African continent, Ana Pi reconnects with her origins through the choreographic gesture, engaging in a space-time experiment that combines traditional and contemporary movements. In this dance of fertility and healing, the black skin under the blue veil is integrated with space, reenacting new forms and colors that evoke ancestry, belonging, resistance and the sense of freedom.

República (Grace Passô, 16 minutes, 2020) One night, a Brazilian woman wakes up in a country exhausted from violent acts. Republic is a short film realized at home, in the beginning of 2020s quarantine, in the center of São Paulo, República neighborhood.

Ana Pi is a Choreographic and imagery artist, researcher of Afro-diasporic and urban dances, extemporary dancer and pedagogue, her practices are woven through the act of travelling. Her work is situated among the notions of transit, displacement, belonging, superposition, memory, colors and ordinary gestures. In 2020 she created the structure NA MATA LAB.

Grace Passô is a Brazilian actress, director and playwright. Her film acting credits include Temporada and Praça Paris. As a writer, her texts were published in several languages and she won the Associação Paulista de Críticos de Arte Award for "Best Playwright.” She also received several awards for her acting achievements in theater and cinema. She directed the short República (2020) and, alongside Ricardo Alves Jr., the medium-length film Vaga Carne (2019).

Juliano Gomes is a film critic and programmer based in Espírito Santo. Has a master degree on Esthetics Technologies in UFRJ, where he studied Jonas Mekas films. Worked as a programmer for Sheffield DocFest (2020-2021) and for Sessão Cinética at IMS-Rio and São Paulo. Also writes about music and theater. Publishes film criticism at the Brazilian online journal Cinética, and has worked as its co-editor-in-chief between since 2019. Also writes about music and theater, has directed a couple of shorts and has collaborated with some brazilian theater and performance artists. Website:


Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Cinema Studies Institute


144 College Street, Toronto, ON M5S 3M2