Recent publications by CSI Faculty

May 5, 2022 by Denise Ing

Congratulations to Cinema Studies Institute faculty members, Corinn Columpar, Stephen Broomer, and Adam Nayman on their 2021 and 2022 publications. 

Corinn Columpar's Mothers of Invention: Film, Media, and Caregiving Labor constructs a feminist genealogy that foregrounds the relationship between acts of production on the one hand and reproduction on the other. It is now available in paperback and ebook through Wayne State University Press and booksellers. 

Stephen Broomer published two books in 2021: Moments of Perception: Experimental Film in Canada and Imprints: The Films of Louise Bourque. Both are now available on paperback. 

Adam Nayman's David Fincher: Mind Games is the definitive critical and visual survey of the Academy Award- and Golden Globe-nominated works of director David Fincher. The hardcover and ebook are available now.