Congratulations to the TATP Teaching Excellence Award recipient, Daniele Iannucci

May 8, 2023 by James Leo Cahill

Please join me in celebrating some fantastic news: one of our brilliant doctoral students, Daniele Iannucci, has been honoured with a TATP Teaching Excellence Award. Huge congratulations on this very well-deserved recognition of your great teaching, Daniele.

This is the second year in a row that a graduate student from the Cinema Studies Institute has been recognized with this extraordinary honour. Last year Amanda Greer received the same honour. It's no longer a secret that some of the best pedagogy at U of T is coming from CSI graduate students.

I'll take this opportunity on behalf of the faculty and students to give a great thanks to all the fantastic TA's and Course Instructors in our department, who are essential to the Institute's pedagogical mission.