CSI undergrads publish in Bowdoin Journal of Cinema

June 16, 2022 by Denise Ing

Three Cinema Studies Institute Major program undergraduate students have published in the May 2022 issue of the Bowdoin Journal of Cinema

Huipeng Li published "The Third Sex: An Examination of Wandering Women in French New Wave Cinema." Her essay explores femininity of one type of female character in French New Wave cinema - the “flâneuse” or the wandering woman.

Maya James published "Dirty Dancing: Transformation and the Outdoor Stairway." Looking at spatial narratives of Dirty Dancing (1987), this research paper examines Baby’s (Jenifer Grey) transition into womanhood as she encounters issues of classism, objectification, and bodily autonomy.

Will Gotlib published "The Sound of Slience: Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Audiences and the Fallout of the Talkies, 1910-1968." The essay details the privileged status of deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences in the pre-sound era, and the related response to disruptions caused by the introduction of sound as a filmmaking standard. 

Founded in 2020, the Bowdoin Journal of Cinema is an annual publication that seeks to publish scholarly, exclusively undergraduate work on cinema studies. The publication operates within the Bowdoin Film Society and essays are curated by select Bowdoin undergraduate students. Each year, the Journal invites undergraduates from around the world to submit their work for publication.

Congratulations, Huipeng, Maya and Will!