Daniel McFadden wins the 2021 Vivienne Poy Chancellor's Fellowship

July 12, 2021 by Tony Pi

Dan McFadden, a PhD candidate in the Cinema Studies Institute, is the proud recipient of the 2021 Vivienne Poy Chancellor's Fellowship in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Dan's research focus is on the relationship between film and philosophy, with a particular interest in the representation of accidents in cinema. He looks at how the medium of film can be used to imagine cause and effect differently than written narrative, and of the transformative impacts this can have on the way one considers their relationship to the world and its activities. He is also interested in systems, and the way cinema confronts systems while simultaneously generating different ways for thinking about the way things relate and interact. Dan has shared his research and interests through teaching "CIN340: The Media Event: Celebration, Accident, and Catastrophe," a course that is dedicated to examining the way cinema represents events and their effects.

"Receiving this award is an incredible honour. I am profoundly appreciative to the University community for acknowledging my work. The proceeds from this scholarship will allow me to dedicate more of my time to my research, which is an invaluable boon."

For more information on the Vivienne Poy Chancellor's Fellowship in the Humanities and Social Sciences, see this page.