Early 2021publications by CSI Faculty

April 16, 2021 by Denise Ing

Congratulations to Cinema Studies Institute faculty members, Alberto Zambenedetti, Mike Meneghetti and James Cahill on their recent 2021 publications. 

Alberto Zambenedetti's Acting Across Borders: Mobility and Identity in Italian Cinema sheds new light on the notion of Italian identity as it is understood by the national cinema. It is now available in hardback and ebook formats through Edinburgh University Press and booksellers. 

Mike Meneghetti has written the first comprehensive study of Martin Scorsese's prolific work as a documentary filmmaker, Martin Scorsese’s Documentary Histories: Migrations, Movies, Music. It is now available in hardback and ebook formats through Bloomsbury Publishing and booksellers.

Cinema of Exploration: Essays in an Adventurous Film Practice is the first anthology dedicated to thinking cinema's relationship to exploration from a global, decolonial, and ecological perspective. This collection of essays was edited by James Cahill and Luca Caminati and available in hardback and ebook formats through Routledge and booksellers.