Kino-Delirium: A Film Workshop With Guy Maddin

November 6, 2019 by Tony Pi

The Cinema Studies Institute welcomes acclaimed Canadian director and screenwriter Guy Maddin in Winter 2020, who will be teaching an 8-week non-credit graduate workshop called Kino Delirium: A Film Workshop with Guy Maddin. In a workshop drawing heavily upon his own personal experiences as a sui generis director of niche art films, Maddin will be inviting students to explore with him the challenge of reinvention - how does one reinvent one's career? oneself? - using his own career-at-a-crossroads as the principal case study.

The workshop will give special attention to the rapidly changing landscape of contemporary cinema and the wide range of options available, such as documentary fiction, essay films, camera diaries, DIY micro-budget productions, streaming episodic television, Instagram posts, video podcasts, behind-the-scene documentaries, found-footage work, film interventions, fiction/hidden-camera hybrids, and every possible combination and permutations of the above reconfigured into previously unforeseen hybrids and compound hybrids, asking what they can teach us and how they might model forms of reinvention.

This workshop is open to all current Cinema Studies MA and PhD students. To register, contact the Graduate Program Assistant.