PhD alumna publishes in JCMS

February 15, 2024 by Denise Ing

Dr. Carrie Reese, who completed the PhD program at the Cinema Studies Institute in 2021, and taught CIN210H1F - Horror Film in Fall 2023, has published a research article in the Winter 2024 edition of the Journal of Cinema and Media Studies

"Towards a Feminist Montage: Reading for the Cut in Ana Mendieta"s Sweating Blood" is available online. 

This article develops an alternate concept of the filmic cut with influences from both montage theory and feminist film history. Deriving this alternate concept of the cut from Ana Mendieta's moving image work, I examine Sweating Blood (1973) as it couples the cut with an aesthetic violence, producing a version of the cut that contributes to a feminist discourse on filmic manipulation, intermedia, and montage. This theory of the cut is informed not only by Mendieta but also by those who have inspired alternate ways of thinking about "the cut," including Yoko Ono, Maggie Nelson, Sergei Eisenstein, and Luis Buñuel.