PhD candidate and alumna produce new play

June 11, 2024 by Denise Ing

PhD candidate, Erin Mick is co-directing and co-starring in a new play, Ben & Ronnie. The dark comedic thriller will run at Red Sandcastle Theatre for three nights: August 9, 10, 11, 2024. Alumna, Anna Swanson is a co-producer of the play. 

Ben is traveling to his remote mountain cabin when he encounters Ronnie, a chatty, camera-wielding hitchhiker on her way to nowhere in particular. Ben finds Ronnie's demeanor off-putting and Ronnie finds Ben's unassuming charm suspicious, so the two of them do almost nothing but argue right from the jump. Despite this, they seem drawn to each other and agree to travel as a pair from the scorching-hot Canadian prairies into the cool cover of Rocky Mountain forests. Over the course of a single day and night, their relationship morphs into something both darker and more absurd as they discover that the Fates might have a truly twisted sense of humour.

Please be advised that Ben & Ronnie is not a play for childrenUnless your children are sickos, I guess. This is a genre piece. It contains difficult and disturbing themes, profanity, suspense, violence, key lime pie, some strobe-type lighting, a lot of talking!, a Dislikeable Woman Protagonist™, a sweater vest, ham sandwiches, and an overall sardonic attitude.

Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite. 

Congratulations to Erin and Anna!