Prof. Charlie Keil receives President's Teaching Award

June 7, 2022 by James Leo Cahill

CSI faculty member, Prof. Charlie Keil has been awarded the President's Teaching Award, which is the highest teaching award givien at the University of Toronto. 

As anybody lucky enough to have studied with Charlie knows, teaching is a vocation for him (in every sense) and he brings his skills as a teacher to each dimension of his professional work, from his research and writing to his editing and his leadership as Principal of Innis College.

With this honour, Charlie will join the University's Teaching Academy, will consult widely on teaching and pedagogy at the University, and will be given extra funding in support of his pedagogical development.

Three cheers for Charlie: we're all so proud of what you have accomplished and continue to bring to the classroom, and we are thrilled that you have earned this highest of honours.